the big bang formula

shut up i know it’s supposed to be theory

Two nights ago, I was despairing because the F1 races were starting the next day, and that night, Big Bang was a guest performer and even their setlist was revealed. With them performing some of my favourite songs ever like How Gee, Lies, Feeling… GD&TOP were also going to perform as a subunit, the more relevant song being Knockout, my favourite song in their album… Of course I had to despair.

So the next day I drudgingly went to school in my continued fit of despair. I was whining to my classmates about not getting to go (I am so, sorry). During recess, I checked my phone and suddenly, there was a text from my friend Megan:

“Woman if I give you an F1 pass CAN YOU MAKE IT”

Just so you know, I started YELLING IN THE CANTEEN at all my friends and Jay was like “Just go lah, if you don’t you will regret” so I quickly replied Megan that I could, and that was it, I was going.

I managed to stay awake for majority of the day after that and I was really!! Super!! Excited!! Because I didn’t manage to go to Big Bang’s ALIVE Tour here in Singapore last year, because it was on the weekend before my exams started. And the last time when I saw them at the Korean Music Wave together with 2NE1, they’re weren’t even as five; Daesung wasn’t there. So I guessed that my whole reason to go was to see Daesung and watch out for GTOP moments.

I ran home the moment class ended and I got out of the house just as quick. Megan came to pick me up from the station and we snuck two burgers in because they didn’t allow food. She let me cut her queue with her friends and we were in a really good spot: we were first and second row on the side of the extension stage where I knew the Big Bang members loved to stand to sing to the audience on the sides (PS Megan I love you forever).

Though like 2 hours before the concert started, for God knows what reason, the people at the back suddenly ran forward and we were like what the shit??? And the pushing started and everyone was gross and sticky and I didn’t even have space to move.

Okay enough about the crowd, time to talk about the concert! It started on time at 11.15pm, and screams and cheers erupted with Big Bang emerged onstage, their first song being Tonight. The members teased, slightly coming out onto the extension stage (Taeyang especially, he likes it a lot, just saying). I don’t really remember what went on after that, but during How Gee when TOP was rapping, Jiyong ran up to him and started his rap after, running backwards and looking straight at him, and during another song while TOP was rapping again, Jiyong walked up to him and stared straight at him; they held the gaze for a while but after that Jiyong couldn’t hold it any more and dropped his eyes and started giggling. (GTOP MOMENT)


OMFG shut up i know im obsessed LEAVE ME BE

Seungri’s solo was great too!! He sang Gotta Talk To You and Strong Baby, he’s really charismatic and engaging (also hilarious to boot). Taeyang interacted with the crowd lots, and Daesung was the cutest; his English isn’t really that good yet, so to me whatever he was trying to say was really sincere. I love his voice, and after he spoke, he felt so kind, I started yelling at Megan “OH MY GOD THIS MAN IS AN ANGEL!!”

Also during one song TOP came to our side and bent down, and started blowing kisses at Megan’s friend’s camera. Big Bang was in really good condition last night, it was great to see all five of them together again (IT’S BEEN TOO LONG)!! TOP as usual wore his sunglasses at the back of his head (I FIND IT HILARIOUS) and during encore while he was singing his chorus he started slow dancing with Daesung and serenaded him (SCREAMING)!! During Fantastic Baby encore GD came running down the extension stage with a bottle of water and poured it all over Daesung, who just stood there and took it all, and started laughing after. Smiling angel, indeed!!

When Seungri was singing his part in the Fantastic Baby encore, GD came and teased him a little, and tried to bite him, and during another song he wiped Seungri’s sweat off right in front of me haha. It was really cute (GRI is the ship, GTOP is the submarine)!!! RIGHT and after GD and TOP did the whole staring thing and we were all screaming, Big Bang walked down the extension stage and TOP was walking with Daesung, and they were looking at each other, laughing. CUTEST

I’M REALLY INCOHERENT NOW ACTUALLY AND GIVEN THE CHOICE THIS POST WOULD ACTUALLY BE ABSOLUTE KEYBOARD SPAM but no I gotta try and it’s really hard to remember things from last night, everything went by in a blur!!! I’m just really glad I got to see my OT5. While I enjoyed the concert though, the crowd was a no-go, if I have to put it in a way they were simply “cannot make it”. When Big Bang was thanking the audience for coming and talking about what they’ve been doing and what’s coming up, Daesung talked about his recent D’scover tour, Ri and his adventures in Japan, Taeyang and his upcoming album that will be dropped really soon. TOP talked about his movie, Alumni, and how he hoped we’d enjoy it (“I’m in a movie soon………. I…. hope you’ll enjoy it”), to which GD started giggling again because TOP’s English was so bad.

Why I say the crowd was so “cannot make it” was when Taeyang started singing Coup D’etat, and then stopped to let the audience sing, NOBODY was singing at all. Well I was, but the majority wasn’t, and I felt terrible because they expected us to sing along but didn’t. Taeyang was like “Oh-…” and GD immediately went “it’s alright, it’s alright” and I was screaming “NO, NO IT’S NOT.” The audience couldn’t even shout for encore properly, it was like just muffled cheers until Taeyang had to come out and prompt us, then everyone started screaming.

I also got pissed off because I nearly fell over twice because of some bitch behind me; she kept pushing and pushing till I was in fourth row. Plus she didn’t ever scream when it was Seungri or Taeyang or Daesung that came over. She just stood there like lolfuckthem and started screaming only when it was Ji or Tabi, and she was so shrill and annoying it pissed me off greatly. Like excuse you, what are you doing here????!

I brought home a streamer from the concert too, and took a picture with Megan, and Kendra gave me a ride home. MY FRIENDS ARE ALL SO NICE TO ME IMCRY

Big Bang is really gr8 live ok the end ofmgfg

PS when i wasn’t staring at Ji or trying to get Daebby to notice me I was actually looking at Tabi and seeing how lazily he dances SRSLY his moves are really slack haHAAHA and when he jogs he’s like floaty and it looks as if he’s running in slow motion
Riri really likes to yell “WHO’S THE PARTY PEOPLE??? WHO’S THE PARTY PEOPLE???!!” And his english is p. bad hAHAA “I can singing!! I can dancing!!! FOR YOU GUYS!!!” And Youngbae really got his groove on okay!!


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