They say that whatever you do on the first day of the new year is a summary of whatever you do for the rest of the year. Or something like that. I spent my morning at 1.30am watching Big Bang on TV, slept at 2.30am, rudely awakened 10 hours later by my mother to go out to eat, ate junk food for lunch and snacked the rest of the day while reading fanfiction. I think my 2015 is going to be a fruitful and productive year indeed.

If we talk about 2014 though – it wasn’t necessarily a really good year for me I guess. Lounged 4 months of the year away, started at a new school in April, fucked up somewhere halfway, was depressed for a month, probably spent too much money on cosplay, sewed a bit more for Liddell, and maybe became a worse person. And lazier, even. But enough with the pessimism; it’s a new year after all!

So yeah, looking back, here are some great things that have happened:

I don’t actually remember ever blogging about this (which isn’t exactly a surprise since I don’t blog consistently throughout the year), but it was a fantastic experience. This concert was much more interactive than New Evolution and I had so much more fun and it was way more relaxing as I wasn’t running around as a YGLadies staff member this time. Also, Sarah and I sang into CL’s microphone during Lonely. Beat that.

How is filming for a school project so impactful??? Good question. But through the filming I learnt a lot of important life and school things, like how important it is to have patience and not sock our child actor in the face (not that I actually did that, but ya).

In 2014, I managed to cosplay as some of the characters I’ve really wanted to for a while: Fionna (Adventure Time), Jade (Homestuck), Morgiana (Magi), and Nishinoya (Haikyū!). While this isn’t really important or anything, it made me really happy. I’m aiming to cosplay as characters that make me happy this 2015 too.

That being said though, I gotta cut down on cosplay (mission impossible, I’ve already got 10 plans for the first half of the year) and start spending less money on myself.

I don’t see any use in making resolutions for the new year since I know I’m not going to be able to fulfill them anyways, but here’s a list for kicks:
1. Eat healthier/lose weight
2. Be happier and more motivated to do the things I want to
3. No fear

2015 is going to try to be a year of self-improvement. After all, I’m going to be 18. Ew.


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