19th July, 2015.
Made a fanboard for oppa to notice me.

Oppa did, but he just glanced over my board.
I want to beat oppa up.

Aside from G-Dragon not noticing me, the concert was one of the best nights I’ve ever had, because I’ve never been to a Big Bang concert before, and this one was my first, despite being a fan of them for eight years now. The concert staff were the nicest staff I’ve ever encountered in all my concert experiences in Singapore, and I got plenty of fancams because they were so lax.

The concert experience was priceless (actually $232, but let’s put that aside). G-Dragon in a flower crown and being hella, hella attractive, Seungri doing his best with fanservice and speaking Mandarin, Taeyang bouncing around and singing his heart out. Daesung on drums during Sober and belting out magical notes during his solo, and T.O.P just sitting on the stage in his fatigue, putting his face in his hands when Seungri yells for one more song for the encore.

But what was awful was the pushing. When Big Bang members came over to our side of the mosh pit, fans and their desperate pushing from the back to force their way through to the front put a lot of us originally in the front in a lot of agony. My friends got pushed from the third row to nearly the back of the mosh pit.
And imagine, all that pushing, doubled up with sweat slicked all over your body and then mushing around with the concert neighbour next to you, and then have bursts of confetti shoot up through the air and stick to your sweat stained body.

It was pretty awful.

At the end of the concert, my throat was hoarse, my legs and arms hurt, and my neck cramped.

But I’ll do it all over again.

Thank you Sarah, Tatiana and Fathima, for being my concert buddies, and here’s to many more YG concerts we’ll be attending together.


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