First of all, attending two Cosfests in a row while sick is definitely not a fantastic experience. Last year, I attended with a slight fever and a terrible sore throat, due to sleepless nights of rushing con merch; the night before Cosfest, I stayed up till 4am trying to rush out last minute laminated keychains with materials I had at home.
This year, I thought I was going to be fine since I didn’t really stay up rushing merch or anything – I had to cut stickers, but I cut a few and headed to bed early.

But then I came down with sudden stomach flu during Cosfest, and spent the rest of day 2 hiding under the table, drinking bad chamomile tea, and sitting at the booth lifelessly.

I managed to reach the event area around 11am or so, and started to set my booth up with my booth mates, Shuen, Yumi, and Eugene. After a bit of mess and rummaging about, we managed to set our booth up! We were neighbours with some of our cos friends, so all was fine and dandy. :>

Here’s my contribution to the booth!!

As usual, I didn’t have a lot to sell, but it was alright for me! I managed to earn back whatever I spent to print, and had a bit of leftover cash after deducting all that.

Cosplayed as Kanra (gb Izaya) on the first day, but I looked so ridiculously tired, I have this insane urge to recos her again. On the second day, I cosplayed Nishinoya (Haikyū!!) with his hair down, but I looked so awful in my sickness, I have to redo him again.

On the second day, I managed to sell out majority of my stickers and about half of my lucky draws, which went pretty well thankfully! My stickers were also pretty well received, though I did get a lot of asks about why I didn’t manage to draw certain characters and only had a select few to sell… (The answer though, was because I was lazy and biased.)

All in all though, I had a really good time meeting friends (new and old!!), but being sick was pretty bad, especially since it was stomach flu. I kept having acute pains in my abdomen and I started to get a really bad migraine, so I cosed down pretty early on Sunday. I also proceeded to sleep under the booth table and I scared the shit out of Regin when she tried to grab her stuff from under the table but found a body instead. It was pretty hilarious.

I also received my first ever coscards!! I managed to roll out about half of them (which is great, I guess) so I don’t have to slave over how to give the rest of them out in the future. :)

Ending off here with a photo of me under the table in pain HAHAHAHA

I also really want to thank Aoi!! For taking care of the booth table for me, and everyone else who came to support our booth Tanpopo!! One day I really want to try boothing alone, but it might not be such a great idea because I’m a terrible procrastinator.
I hope I can have a steady doujin circle one day too. :)


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