LOOK i took the time to make a proper cover photo!!!11
EOY holds quite a special meaning to me because it’s the event I first started cosplaying in, in 2011. So watching the event progress along with me is actually quite a good feeling! But for now: On to the con report!

EOY was held on the 15th and 16th of August. And because it’s held at Marina Barrage, where the sun is merciless, I decided not to cosplay this year. The fact that I stayed up to 6am watching Gintama on Friday night/Saturday morning also contributed to it. But hey!!! Sacrifices have to be made for the good stuff right??

IMG_1645-2 copy
I got to the event with Regin pretty late, around 1 or 2pm both days and we just hung around, saying hi to friends and whatnot. I also took the opportunity to take a few photos here and there for Xuantography.
The doujin booths and the performing stage were separate this year, which resulted in better crowd control for both sides. One of the better decisions made by the organising committee this year! However though, they were really far apart, so the booth owners couldn’t catch in on the action going on at the stage area.

Sunday was definitely a better day though, because it was windy and the sun wasn’t as unforgiving.
Even though I didn’t stay for long on both days, I definitely enjoyed my time at EOY!!!


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