So after I threw myself headfirst into the hellhole that is Gintama, my friend introduced me into the even bigger money sucking hole that is AmiAmi.com, a character and hobby store that ships animoo merchandise worldwide from Japan.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 11.35.49 pm
What’s great about AmiAmi is that they offer merchandise at discounted prices during pre-orders, the highest discount I’ve seen being slightly over 30%, which is definitely a great help to the wallets of animoo fans. Furthermore, you can pre-order the merchandise way before and then quickly save up for it as you only need to pay for it when the item is released into the market.

So without further ado, here’s my first ever AmiAmi review!

I ordered my items on the 9th of September (then proceeded to order a ton of more useless stuff I don’t need, but hey), and on the 18th, AmiAmi emailed me to inform me that it was time to pay for my plastic shit. However, as I paid during the Silver Week, the processing of payment was delayed.
When Silver Week ended though, AmiAmi emailed me to inform me that my payment had gone through and they had shipped it out on the 24th of September. Their prompt replies and efficiency really impressed me!

The package reached me on the 30th of September but as nobody was home to receive it, Singpost dumped it at the POP Station near my place. I ran there when I got home to the delivery notice on the same day but found out that I WASTED MY TIME because I could only collect it the next day. I then proceeded to sit on my ass in the Community Centre in denial and betrayal for 15 minutes.

I picked up my package today though, and here it is in all its glory!!!!!11 SO EXCITING

My friend did warn me that “Trees die bc of the paper they stuff” (quote Angla, 2k15) in the boxes to keep the goods in the package safe, and when I opened it, I found out that she really wasn’t lying.

That’s a whole chunk of paper ok. There’s even more on the sides and the bottom. WHAT DO U NEED THAT MUCH PAPER FOR???
Also, AmiAmi threw in a flyer postcard of a gURLLL with a “Thanks for Ordering” on the back of it.

AND HERE!! ARE MY ITEMS!!!!!!!111 They came safe and sound and not beat up, bloodied and bruised!!! I ordered a set of Digimon 01 keychains to share with my brother and sister (actually, more like YOU CAN TAKE ANYTHING BUT JUST NOT HIKARI AND TAKERU) and the whole Gintama Petite Chara Land Psychedelic set. IN MY EXCITEMENT I FORGOT TO TAKE MORE PHOTOS BUT everything came very nicely aND I WAS VERY HAPPY!!!!!!111

Look at my babies all set up and put together I also put my OTP next to each other heh!!! MEGAHOUSE IS NOW ONE OF MY FAVOURITE FIGURINE COMPANIES BECAUSE OF THE SHEER AMOUNT OF GINTAMA THINGS THEY PRODUCE thank u Jesus Now if I can get my hands on that Okita Douran ver. figure

All in all it was a very!! Good experience with AmiAmi and I definitely will order from them again!! HECK, I ALREADY HAVE. THANK YOU JESUS FOR THE INVENTION OF THE INTERNET


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