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IMG_2015-12-27 13:01:02
What’s not complete without a weeb trip to Kuala Lumpur? Visiting Cupcat Images or shooting there, that’s what. Good Lord, I was there for three days in a row; I wonder if the people there got sick of us or something.
The photo above is set in their classroom theme, and during the three days there I shot in just four out of the fifteen themes available! Cupcat has really affordable prices too, and their sets are really pretty, so I think they’re worth it.

IMG_2015-12-27 13:01:12
When you open the door, you’re greeted with this wide carpeted area with a huge ass mirror for cosplayers to put their stuff and get ready. They also have candy and snacks in a small kitchen to the left for everyone to take!! HOW NICE IS THAT

IMG_2015-12-27 13:01:05
hi yatsuki at the back
The studio smells really nice, and has a resident meow named Gatsby, who’s so done with everybody and can’t be bothered with us all.

First up though: here’s the Japanese theme!
IMG_2015-12-27 13:00:44
It’s actually a lot smaller than I thought it was because pictures are really deceiving… but nevertheless it was a really pretty set up and I thoroughly enjoyed shooting there!

Did a Uramida shoot for Shiki and Aoi here, and then we moved over to the Japanese tree theme. Lighting at this set was really good, and there was natural light coming in through the blinds facing the tiny tatami room.

IMG_2015-12-27 13:00:54
The Japanese tree theme was REALLY PRETTY, but it was disappointing in a sense that it was a lot smaller than I expected it to be!! Photos are really deceiving…
As you can see from my before photo above on the left, the lighting there wasn’t too good. I didn’t have an external flash, which probably sets me off a lot, but it was also coupled with the fact that the spotlights on the tree were tungsten, while the normal studio lights were fluorescent. As such, lighting was a huge issue here and I had to do quite a bit of editing in Lightroom. :'(

And on to the next day! Shot Uramida for them both again, but this time, school themed!

IMG_2015-12-27 13:25:54
As you can see, we ended up doing some weird shit here.
The classroom was pretty small, with only enough space for a 2×2 desk setting, but it was pretty legit. With a blackboard in front, a whiteboard on the side, windows and a noticeboard at the back, you can tell that a lot of effort was put into making the set! Never mind the small space, because where else are you going to be able to get a set like this?!
Also peep through that window above and you’ll get a glimpse of the Japanese tree theme. That’s how close they are.

Last but not least though, the white theme!
IMG_2015-12-27 13:00:57
As you can see, the white theme is just white walls and white floors all around. Gatsby came by to visit us!!! But he ran away later because everyone was being all grabby hands at him and he was like “no i’m fkin done”.
Lighting at this area was great, with large windows on the side and fluorescent light all around.

Photos here turned out great, so I’m really glad!

All in all, shooting at Cupcat was a really comfortable experience and I’m glad that I was given the opportunity to shoot in a place like this overseas. Hopefully there will be a studio in Singapore that will be able to match up to Cupcat in the future!!!!! For all I know, there’s one in the works now and I only need an MRT ride down there, so I also hope that I’ll get a chance to shoot there too. CROSSING THE CAUSEWAY IS WAY TOO EXPENSIVE FOR MY BROKE STUDENT ASS


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