Japan, 4/10

Towards the end of this trip, my motivation for taking photos slipped in fear that most of my photos were bordering on repetitive and lack of creative shots.

On this last day in Tokyo, we were given free and easy time to walk around by ourselves, and I went to these places in order: Shibuya, Harajuku, Akihabara, and the Tokyo Skytree. I then headed back to the hotel because man, Akiba is way too huge for my liking and it really drained me (and I pride myself on my stamina).

By the time I set foot in Akiba, I put my camera (or more affectionately named Dean) away in favour of carrying shopping bags and just enjoying Tokyo, seeing how I was quite sullen through this whole trip to Japan due to unforeseen circumstances.

I like Japan for its muted colours, but at the same time how colourful it can be in its own ways. I like how many locals get around on bicycles and I like how cheap cigarettes are (lel guilty pleasure). But the standard of living in Japan is really high, and while in the future I’d like to stay there to work a while, I don’t think I’d ever permanently move there. After spending so much time just travelling around Japan, I appreciate how small Singapore is in comparison to majority of the other countries.


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